The Critical Customer: How to Get a Consumer to Love Your Business in 7 Seconds
Mon, Mar 9 @ 10AM
Marcello 4404
In this workshop, Jon Schallert will illustrate how customers entering every store form their first impressions in seven (7) seconds, and what customers most critically view when entering a business. Jon will use actual photos from the thousands of businesses he has consulted with to illustrate these principles. Attendees will leave the session with a better understanding of their own visual consumer weaknesses, and with a desire to improve their visual appearance so they can positively impact sales.

Be the Expert in Your Field: Simple Steps to Signal to Customers that You Know More than Your Competition
Mon, Mar 9 @ 11AM
Marcello 4404
In this workshop, Jon Schallert simplifies the steps necessary to convey to a consumer that you are the Expert in your field. With being pushy or bragging, Jon shows how this expertise can be used to make the sale, as it begins with in-store customer interactions and can transfer directly over into your marketing and social media messages.

Jon Schallert is an internationally-recognized professional speaker and business consultant specializing in teaching businesses how to turn themselves into Consumer Destinations. Jon speaks to thousands annually on his proprietary 14-step “Destination Business” process. His methodology has been used extensively by towns, cities, villages, downtowns, seasonal tourist locations, shopping centers, retail chains, franchises, and independent small business owners.