The Future of Consumer Engagement: Leveraging the Millennial Mindset® to Grow Your Business
Tues, Mar 10 @ 9AM
Marcello 4402
The jokes at the Millennials’ expense are aplenty, but not nearly as much as the $200 billion in buying power they now wield as they enter their peak earning and spending years. Love it or loathe it, your future depends on your ability to successfully connect with them—which goes far beyond having a Twitter account and a flashy advertising campaign.

This presentation provides an enlightening look at spend-happy consumers and a practical plan to build Brand Love™.

How to Market to Gen Z and Develop Customers for Life
Tues, Mar 10 @ 10AM
Marcello 4402
By the end of the year, Gen Z will become the world’s largest and most powerful consumer force in the market. Connecting with these teens and young adults in ways that lead to growth and market shares will require real change, not just tweaks to a Millennial marketing plan. In this pivotal presentation, world-renowned consumer expert Jeff Fromm, will equip your team with innovative strategies to reach and engage this mobile-first and socially conscious cohort. The time to learn who Gen Z is and what they want is NOW—this is the way to do it.

Jeff Fromm is the Millennial Marketing Guy. Jeff is a subject matter expert and top-ranked professional speaker on the topics of youth marketing, consumer trends, and innovation. He is a weekly columnist for Forbes, focusing on Millennial and Generation Z consumer trends and innovation; and is the author of three marketing books: “Marketing to Millennials,” “Millennials with Kids” and “Marketing to Gen Z.”