Sun, Mar 8 • 8A – 4P
Mon, Mar 9 • 10A – 12P
Online to Offline: Your Website Is Your First Store Front
Personalization is in every facet of the online retail world, it’s “ME-commerce” no matter the industry, and aligning the experience in your store with the one customers have online is even more important now that your website is shifting to become THE store – not the second store. Join us to learn, how to automate matching your virtual aisles to your physical aisles, and how to stay competitive, make money and – most of all – save time!

Behind The Scenes: Optimizing Your Website For Google
Today, we live in Google’s world, understanding the algorithm and making adjustments to boost your website’s visibility on the largest search engine in the world is a must do. Ranking organically through optimized content is still a critical component to an effective online presence. This session is an introduction to Search Engine Optimization – what is it, what is the value of it and 5 takeaways that you can take action on today.

101: Pay-Per-Click Campaigns With Google
If you’re new to advertising with Google or just wanting to brush up on the classic ad formats, join this session to get back to basics. This 20 minute session will take a deep dive in to building and refining a solid advertising foundation on the Google platform with 5 things you can do today to improve your search and display marketing efforts.

102: Pay-Per-Click Campaigns With Google
Building on the knowledge base of 101, this 102 session introduces additional ad formats designed to capture the consumers attention through other tactics. Join us in understanding why YouTube, Google Shopping and Responsive Ad formats for Search and Display are the latest ad types you need to be exploring. And learn how to ensure you have an advertising budget to support a multi-tactic marketing plan to dominate your market.

Going Beyond Google: Facebook/Instagram Ads
Being active on social media as a business goes beyond having a social profile. During this session, learn about platform specific ad types, reaching a new hyper-targeted audience, shopping through the platforms and more to help you capture consumers in a space where they spend most of their time.

Going Beyond Google: Pinterest Ads
Pinterest, the fastest growing social platform in the world, offers new and exciting opportunities to engage directly with your potential customers at the moment of inspiration. In this session, learn the platform basics and how to create shoppable experiences turning this visual search engine into an effective new customer acquisition channel.

Going Beyond Google: Over-The-Top Television
The days of traditional television watching and sitting through commercials are over. Streaming apps and devices are now how every day shoppers are watching their shows. Learn about this new channel of TV advertising, what content plays best on the platform and how you can reach a new generation of “cord-shavers” and “cord-cutters” through this medium.

Selling Online: Effectively Communicating Promotions Through Multi-Faceted Campaigns
Most consumer journeys start as a fact finding mission. Being present in this moment is the foundation for successfully selling online. Learn how to structure complete promotional plans connecting each touch point of the journey from ad engagement through to website landing pages. The end result: Sales!

Your Next Best Sales Person: Online Chat
When a customer walks into your store, you don’t ignore them; when a customer visits your website, they should NOT be ignored. The need for 1:1 communication in the digital space is not a nice to have, it’s a MUST have. In this session, understand the primary focus of chat on your website and how to be a value add through this channel to your customers. Your new best sales guy will be your chat.

Defining Success: Connecting Ad Engagement to Website Conversions Through KPIs
Success in the new age of personalization is “think like a customer, act like a retailer”. During this session, learn the definition of success by ad type and how to connect the dots from ad engagement through to action on your website.