Fred’s Appliance Academy
12P – 5PM

Technician Recruitment and Screening
Adam Butcher and Alex Hallmark

Finding new field staff can be a challenge and the team at Fred’s Appliance wants to share the methods they use to find new candidates along with how they screen each applicant to ensure they are making the best choice to invest in.

Technician Compensation and Measuring Performance
Adam Butcher and Alex Hallmark

What is the best way to pay your field staff? Commission vs hourly vs contracting? Fred’s Appliance will share their unique hybrid employee compensation process while discussing how they review their field team’s overall performance and individual metrics.

Effective Time Management for your Company’s Day to Day
Adam Butcher and Alex Hallmark

Take control of your day to day by bringing structure to the reoccurring and mundane tasks that your office staff has to deal with on a daily basis. We’ll share our tips on how to ensure that every task is getting done along with establishing greater accountability from your entire team.

Online Reputation Management for Service
Adam Butcher and Alex Hallmark

Tired of getting negative reviews? Want to show the internet and potential customers your true reputation? We’ll share tips on how we earned over 6,000 online reviews from our actual customers in a little over 2 years. These reviews helped us to earn more COD business, recruit better technician talent, and establish an online search presence in every city we service.