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Ziv Fass

CEO, Package.ai


A.I. + Furniture + Appliance Retail – Is It a Game Change for the Bottom Line?

Monday, March 25 @ 10:00 AM-11:00 AM
In a sluggish economy, furniture and appliance retailers often face declining sales and tightening margins. At least 9 US home furnishing retailers have already announced closures so far in 2023.Challenging times like this are actually the perfect time for retailers to embrace Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions as a lasting competitive advantage.In this session, we will discuss how retailers who adapt holistic AI solutions that are custom-built for the industry, have optimized their operations to show real impact on margins and sales.

How A.I. Can Slash Response Times By 90% and Failed Deliveries By 66%?

Monday, March 25 @ 11:00 AM-12:00 PM
A growing number of shoppers are frustrated by the decline in post-purchase customer service. This is undermining brand loyalty and forcing consumers to take their business elsewhere.However, some furniture and appliance retailers are taking a different approach and utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance their post-purchase customer interactions significantly.In this session, we will examine the impact AI has had on customer service capabilities after implementing Package.ai, the only AI platform that is custom-built for furniture and appliance retailers, and how by implementing it, they achieved 97% 5-star reviews, 98% delivery confirmation rates (improved from 72%), and customer issue resolution in less than 1 hour, compared to over a day before.


Ziv Fass is the CEO and Co-founder of Package.ai, an ai-based platform transforming last-mile delivery from a cost center to a customer engagement gold mine, leading to 10X growth in brand loyalty, advocacy and customer life-time value. Ziv holds an MBA from The Wharton school of Business and has decades of experience envisioning and building customer-centric communication software, including various product leadership roles at Microsoft/Skype.