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Tatiana Tauauvea

Trainer and Coach, Power Selling Pros


ServiceSource: How to Turn Your Call Center Into a Profit Center

Monday, March 25 @ 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Don’t get stuck in the price war trap! Your call center can be a profit powerhouse, not a cost drain. Discover how to surpass competitors on service, building customer loyalty that outlasts any discount. Invest in unforgettable experiences that turn callers into lifelong advocates, boosting your ROI and bottom line. Leave the price behind, ignite passion, and watch your profits soar.


With over 14 years of customer service experience, Tatiana is on a mission to boldly go where no customer service has gone before!

She has mentored and trained hundreds of service representatives from all across the globe turning ordinary encounters into memorable moments. Her secret? Brigham Dickinson’s Pattern For Excellence, a transformative tool.

As a dedicated trainer and coach with Power Selling Pros, Tatiana not only empowers professionals but also helps businesses boost their bottom line through improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.

She’s excited to bring her expertise to you, turning every interaction into an unforgettable experience. For Tatiana, it’s more than a career; it’s a commitment to remarkable communication and lasting connections.

Tatiana’s Training Sample: https://vimeo.com/856018572/35cd7d3aa8?share=copy