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Tami Evans

Employee Engagement and Levity Leadership Expert


When the Chick Hits the Fan: Creating a Culture of Professional and Personal PowHER

Session Time

3/8/22 at 7:30AM (WIB Breakfast)


Women in the workplace – Just when you think you have the work/life balance thing all figured out, along comes career chaos, motherhood madness, and skinny jeans. How the Hello Fresh are we supposed to keep it all together, keep our businesses afloat, and rock a face mask? Wait! Don’t crawl under the covers! Instead, slap on some lippy and a pair of snazzy slippers and join us as Tami Evans shares stories and insights to help know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em, and know when to break out the triangle drinks. Walk out knowing how to activate optimism, lead with levity, and other hard-core soft-skills. Join us to learn while you laugh:

  • The four elements needed to elevate and motivate yourself every day
  • Business growth through gratitude
  • How to leverage the power of positivity in your professional and personal life
  • Bio

    With a focus around Leadership, employee engagement, client connection, and culture strategy with a direct link back to retention, productivity, and profitability, Tami’s presentations are content-rich, interactive and filled with her relatable and relevant humor. She believes if they are laughing they are listening, and if they are listening they are learning.
    Formerly the president of the National Speakers Association of NYC, Evans has also worked as a corporate manager, university professor, communications specialist, as well as such diverse career experience as a fashion designer and professional actress. She also holds a Masters of Fine Arts and BAA degrees in Broadcasting Communications and Theatre.