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Robert Best

Cognitive Strategy Consultant


Turn Your Showroom into a Selling Machine Using Neuroscience

Most buying decisions take place in the emotional center of your customer’s brain. In this seminar, you’ll discover fascinating ways to appeal directly to those emotions, simply by tweaking your surroundings. Learn how to maximize showroom ambiance and product displays to transform the average showroom into a formidable selling system.


Author Robert G. Best is a highly sought after expert in sales, marketing and customer experience. He is a nationally recognized speaker, whose engagements take him throughout the US and Asia.

Using the latest in brain research and scientific strategies, Robb has pinpointed the key factors leading to expert performance. Robb’s knowledge and techniques, delivered in his inimitable style will radically change the way you and your team interact, and build trust with your customers, family and friends.

His fascination with neuroscience has led to the development of a communication and sales/marketing system based on human behavior. Robb excels where most seminars fall short; actually teaching you how to acquire and implement new skills.


"Turn Your Showroom into a Selling Machine"