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Gene Marks

President & CEO, The Marks Group P.C.


Post COVID Opportunities and the Current Climate

Session Times:
Sunday, August 22

The vaccines are here and Covid will soon be a thing of the past. So what does this mean for your company, your people, your partners and your community? What new issues will we be facing? What investments should we be making? How will the economy fare? What will our new administration in Washington do to help fund our way out of recession and how will that impact your operations? What are smart leaders around the country doing to navigate their companies towards growth and profitability over the next two years?

Join nationally recognized journalist, best-selling author, and business owner Gene Marks CPA for a fast-paced, entertaining and data filled presentation where he will share with you the advice, lessons and actions being taken by his audience of more than half a million business owners, managers and leaders to deal with these issues and position their companies for success in the years to come.