Galen Emanuele

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Galen Emanuele

Leadership, EQ, Team Culture, Keynote Speaker, Author and #CultureDrop Expert


Create & Establish Exceptional Company Culture

Session Time

3/7/22 8:00AM – 9:45AM (Main Stage Keynote)


Galen Emanuele reframes the way teams and organizations establish a culture, communicate, and perform together in business. His unique content is full of actionable tools to improve team dynamics, communication, EQ, and generate high-level performance and engagement. A highly sought-after international speaker with clients including Microsoft, Safeway, and NASA, Galen is also a world-class improviser, having taught and performed improv for many years, including touring with the cast from Whose Line Is It Anyway? An authentic, captivating teacher and performer, Galen has a unique gift of being able to cut through the noise to translate broad concepts into simple, practical skills and mindsets. Developed over thousands of hours on stage working with audiences and teams, his profound truths and tangible takeaways permanently change the way humans show up in business and life.