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Eric Hunter

GM of Marketing, AVB, Inc.


Geared For Growth – Learn How to Scale Your Business to $5M

Monday, March 25 @ 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Learn from your peers and get action-oriented inspiration for growing your business. Top vendors will speak on available programs and services that will position you for greater success and profitability. Ending with lunch, you will break down the day with roundtable and group discussion time, plus Q&A. Together we review the mornings sessions and find key takeaways you can put to work immediately. This session will be focusing on store retail ($0 – $5M).


As the GM of Marketing Products at AVB Marketing, Eric oversees all the teams behind the scenes helping drive strategic planning, in-platform execution, and analytical measurement of all the different marketing campaigns ran in-house by our stellar teams of experts.