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Chef Andrew Forlines

Chef & Appliance Technology Expert, Appliance Academy


LUXE Education: How a Chef Cooks Up Showroom Events

Monday, March 25 @ 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM
Join Chef Andrew as he explains how he uses his culinary event background to plan and host engaging events to excite your market. Elevate yourself above your competitors by providing your stakeholders; designers, builders, and trade partners with unforgettable showroom experiences. Harnessing his experience as an event producer, MC, chef, and Appliance Expert, you can use his proven tactics and step-by-step guides to plan, market, and execute high level events that convert spectators into enthusiastic collaborators.


Chef Andrew Forlines combines his expertise as a fine dining chef and cooking technology specialist with retail appliance showroom knowledge to create resources and guides for retailers to engage and excite trade partners in their market.

Chef Andrew trained and worked his way up the ranks of five star fine dining and molecular gastronomy restaurants before transitioning into the appliance retail industry.