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The Post-Pandemic Age of Omni-Commerce

with John White CMO, AVB, Inc. and the AVB Marketing Team

Session Times:

Sunday, August 22

Thanks to COVID19 we have entirely new shopper: the online, curb side pick-up shopper who wants a simple and contact-less purchase experience. Many may think the concept of “Omni-Channel” marketing is enough to support this new customers’ wants and needs, but it leaves out a massive piece of today’s online shopping puzzle that kept all of us in business this past 18 months – a well merchandised, engaging and transacting website.

Enter the age of “Omni-Commerce” the ability to seamlessly interact with your customers across all shopping channels while offering personalized messaging and product options. During this session get a sneak preview of our latest technology releases that help BrandSource/AVB members effectively blend digital advertising, online merchandising and an excellent in-store experience in to one efficient, convenient, easily accessible, value-add to a customer’s purchase journey.