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Ios Apps

2:00P – 5:00PM

2:00P – 3:00P
2019 was a record year for LG wth BrandSource in the Laundry Category. Come gain insights as to how BrandSource members are lizing LG Laundry to drive growth in their total Laundry business. Session will review our 1st half national promotional plans and our BrandSource Only Rebates for LG through July 4th. At the training you will receive a packet of all need in-store materials for our BrandSource only offers. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn 1st hand what is driving such record growth with LG Laundry and BrandSource.

3:00P – 4:00P
Come and gain the inside track on LG 2020 Refrigeration and Cooking businesses through the sharing of our 1st half NEW product introductions, our 1st half National promotional calendar, and gain knowledge of our BrandSource Only Rebates from LG for the 1st half of 2020.

4:00P – 5:00P
Are you looking to add the LG brand to your portfolio in 2020? Do you have questions for our service teams, our training teams, or our sales teams that will help you to increase your businesssales with LG? Stop by this information sessions that will utilize around table town hall format to create exciting sharing of information and ideas with our BrandSource members and LG teams.

12:00P – 3:30PM

From Search to Sold: Leveraging innovative technologies to modernize the customer experience
The last decade disrupted and reshaped the customer journey. From shifting to online research before making buying decisions to preferring text messaging over other forms of communications, the modern customer journey requires businesses to transform their customer experience to create a seamless experience from the first search to the final review. Come learn how tools like an interaction management platform will allow your business to fulfill the expectations that today’s customers have, earn repeat customers, and empower your teams to communicate internally.

Cracking the Code: Insights into how to boost your customer interactions from search to sale
Come demo interaction tools that help you earn repeat reviews, empower team communication, web leads and more.

12P – 5PM

In depth looking into the Launch of the New 2020 Serta and Simmons Products
This session provides details on the Serta 2020 launch of iComfort Foam, iComfort Hybrid (Smooth Top and Quilted) and Serta Lux. The Beautyrest 2020 launch of Harmony Lux as well as Simmons for Fun zzz’s. Collections designed around the Consumer’s needs.
12:00P, 2:00P, & 4:00P with Brad Smith

Building Your Business with Bedding-Consistent, Impactful, Profitable
The session covers opportunities for Brand Source Members, especially appliance store owners, to expand their business with bedding. Sales, merchandising, operation, and AVB partnership are all covered. Learn how similar selling mattresses is to your current business model and how dedicating a small amount of showroom space can lead to big margins and profit.
1:00P & 3:00P with Gordon Hecht

People Foundry

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