Our Expertise

Conferences & Virtual Meetings

AVB Events provides solutions to boost brand awareness through engaging live and virtual experiences that bring measurable results.

Exhibitions & Sponsor Management

We help our vendor partners to identify, evaluate, and optimize their sponsorships in order to ensure that the most beneficial connections are achieved.

Networking, Social Events, & Fundraising

We are committed to bringing our members opportunities to not only connect with one another, but to also engage with vendors and educators who can assist them in the evolution of their business.

Consulting, Marketing, & Communications

We focus on creating curated messages and unique event materials that engage, motivate, and align business goals with each individual event.

Logistics Management & Budgets

No matter the budget, we are here to help ensure your conference meets your goals, objectives, and express logistical requirements.

Risk Management

We provide conscious preparation and forethought, two elements that are essential for creating an event that is risk resilient.

Our Process


Venue Sourcing + Budgeting


Registration + Marketing


Onsite Solutions + Management


Housing + Travel


Analytics + Reporting

Our Work

AVB Events is the backbone of all Conventions, Meetings, and Events that take place within the AVB BrandSource community! Through online and in person events, we connect our members with vendor partners, staff, and educators to expand their network, gain insights, discover new business solutions and opportunities. We are dedicated to creating events that leave our members feeling energized, excited, and invested in their business.



Regional Events

Specialty Groups

Virtual Events

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